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Biru Skull Wall

Biru Skull Wall is located in Nagqu Biru County. It’s a wall piled by human being’s skull and it’s a very good case for studying funeral custom. The Celestial burial platform was built on the hillside nearby, facing south. There are 3 rooms facing north and inside each room, there is a Nepali Stupa on both sides of the room. There are wind horse flags hanging on doors and window panes, which stands for sky, earth, water, fire, wind. If front of the house, there is a 20 square meters courtyard, surrounded by three 2 meters high walls. One the southern wall, more than 200 skulls are pilled up like bricks. It’s quite scary to see the empty Orbital and empty jaws. In front of the walls, there are a few big rocks, which are used as cutting board to dismember the bodies. Even nowadays, it is still a mystery why they skulls were kept.
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