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Poem from Tsangyang Gyatso

"See and not"
by Tsangyang Gyatso
You see, or not I
Where I
Not sad no-hi
You read or not read me
On the situation there
Not to go
You love or not love me
Love in there
Not by unabated
With you or not with me
My hand on your hands
'll Not abandon
To my arms
Let me live in your hearts
Moran love
Quiet joy
That day
by Tsangyang Gyatso
Bimu in the Middle Temple in Xiangwu
Song Jing suddenly you hear the truth
The January
I shake all the cones to the
Not Chaoduo
Just to touch your fingertips
Ke-crawling in the first mountain
Not for an audience with
Only for the warmth of your Tiezhao
That I
To the mountains to the water to the pagoda ah
Not to repair the next life
And the only way for you to meet
by Tsangyang Gyatso
On the night
I forget all the
Paoque of faith
Discard the reincarnation
The only
Crying before the Buddha in the Rose
Has already lost the old luster
A Moment Gone
by Tsangyang Gyatso
A moment gone, hoisting the wind-horse banners?a
but not to beg good fortune . . . only to welcome your return.
A day gone, raising the sacred boulder pile?a
but not to accumulate virtue . . . only to cast a stone in your heart's pool.
A month gone, setting all the prayer wheels turning?a
but not to achieve transcendance . . . only to brush your finger tips.
A year gone, prone in the dust of the mountain road?a
but not to make obeisance . . . only to press into your warmth.
A lifetime gone . . . turning and turning, mountains, rivers, stupas?a
but not to seek rebirth . . . only to meet you along the way.
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