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Rutok Ancient Petroglyphs

Rutok Ancient Petroglyphs

Brief introduction of Rutok Ancient Petroglyphs: 

Rutok Ancient Petroglyphs were found at several sites in Rotok County in 1985.The extensive collection of rock carvings at Rumudong is right beside the road, about 96km north of Ali. Travelling north from Ali, start looking on the east side of the road at kilometre marker 970. The Petroglyphs would be at around 967. There are two distinct groups on the rock face right beside the road. The first, and more extensive, group also features a number of more recent Buddhist carvings, some of them carved right over their ancient predecessors. The most impressive of the rock carvings features four extravagantly antlered deer racing across the rock and looking back at three leopards in hot pursuit. Alos depicted are eagles, yaks, camels, goats, tigers, wild boars and human figures.

Less often visited are the lurulangkar paintings, about 12km southwest of Rutok. The relatively primitive carvings are right beside the road, up to a height of 4km above the ground, and show a variety of pre-Buddhist symbols and animals, including dogs, yaks, eagles, deer and goats. Human figures are shown standing in isolation or riding on horses. There are a number of hunting scenes showing dogs chasing deer and hunters shooting at them with bows and arrows.



Usually tourists take Rutok Ancient Petroglyphs and Panggong-tso as a one day trip.

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