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Qangtang Grassland

Qangtang Grassland

Brief introduction of Qangtang Grassland: 

Qiangtang, the meaning of "northern highland", refers to the north Tibetan plateau. Located in among kunlung mountains,Tanggula mountains and Ganddis mountains,its land area covers 2/3 of the whole Tibet.It's total area is over 600 thousand square kilometers averaging about 4000 meters above sealevel. Cold, Windy and snowy for 8 or 9 months in a year and frozen land can be seen everywhere. An old folk song sings like this: "The mysterious Qiangtang, it is so wild and desolate when you are here the first time; it becomes your lovely hometown when you get to know more.Qiangtang Grasslan


The north of Qiangtang Plateau is even called No People Area,thus the place becomes the ideal living area of rare animals,including the north of the Gangdisi Mountains and Nyainqen-tanggula Mountains and the wide area south of Kunlun Mountains.Qiang Tang Grasssland breeds thousands of wild animals,and 40 of them are specially proteced by the state or regional government.Such rare animals as Wild yaks,Bharals,Tibetan wild donkeys,White-lipped deer,etc.are being well preserved in the area.Also it is the best preserved area in which rare animals researches are being carried out.

In Qiangtang Nature Reserve,there are vast prairies and glaciers,numerous mountains and lakes,hot springs,terrestrial heats.The golden season is the period from June to September,during which the temperature can reach 7-12C and the north of Tibetan plateau will take on a specutacular view before you with gentle wind,mild sunshine,lush grazing and large number of cattles and sheep.

It is also the main base for animal husbandry, having a large range of pasture land and grass of high quality. The famous "plateau boat" Yak and Tibetan antelope just live in this area. The herdsmen's homes "dong wozi" are mostly located by the foot mountains and the sides of lakes. When summer comes, they put their simple packing on horseback, wandering and herding around the boundless prairie, the melodious songs accompanying with their changing footsteps. The herdsmen shake away the long loneliness by hardworking and singing in the harsh nature, creating their beautiful and colorful life.

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