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The Guge Kingdom


The Guge Kingdom is not only a wonder of Nagri, but also Tibet. In the mid - nine century, the Tubo imperial court came to an end. The offspring of the King Namdam established their own kingdoms and Gyede Nyinmagong became the king of Ngari. The second son of his three sons occupied Zarang and established the Guge Kingdom.



In the main ruins of the Guge Kingdom in Zarang, the destroyed citywalls and the natural earthen forests exist harmoniously. More than 400 houses and 800 caves scatter on the 300 - meter - high mountain slope. As the capital of the Guge Kingdom, the Zarang Ruins cover an area of 720,000 square meters. It is the second largest building comples in Tibet next to the Potala Palace.



The main buildings include the Red Temple, White Temple and Mandala Hall. More than 1,000 square meter murals on the walls of the Samsara Hall are most precious. In addition to the images of Buddha, murals demonstrate such seldom images as other living things and the snakes with a human head. The caves around the temples still house some weaponry and hamlets used by the ancient soldiers.


Admission fee: RMB100/p.p

open time : 9:00-17:00

Tips:Tibet travellers should buy tickets in advance from the Zanda County Cultural Bureau for the visit to Ruins of the Guge Kingdom.

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