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Niangpugou Scenic Zone

With its upper reaches formed by Yangwogou, Jiaxingou and Bujiagou, Niangpugou lies 50 kilometers west of Gongbu Jiangda County, being one branch of Nyang River.


There are 1 Karst cave at the end of Bujiagou and 3 hot springs at a place with 4200 meters above sea level, the upper is Nun Hot Spring, the middle is Lama Hot Spring and the lower Buru Hot Spring.Lots of old trees are surrounding these hot springs, composing a grand symphony together with caves and brooks.


The northwest Yangwogou is well-known for its strange stones and perilous peaks, Baga Temple (namely Baiyanshan Temple) at the bottom of the mountain was built in the period of the 5th Dalai Lama.There painted Bible figures of Buddaha joss and other paintings in the natural cave,with cave in cave,on top of temple porch.


There is a Karst fountain at the bottom of Baga Temple, spewing 6 times every day without dryness and freeze all round the year.

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