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Namnani Peak

Namnani Peak is located in Burang County, the peak is 7,694 meters high. It is 81.3 ngitude east, 30.4 titude north, and is one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas. It is located near Lake Manasarova (Mapam Tso in Tibetan), facing Mt. Kailash, (Gang Rimpoche in Tibetan) in the north across the lake.


Namnani Peak is called "the mountain of Goddess" in Tibetan. The peak has an area of 200 sq. km and has 6 mountain ridges, on which are tens of mountains soaring to 6,000 meters. The western ridges fan out from north to south. The only ridge in the east has been corroded into a blade-shape ridge, which is very steep with a height difference of 2,000 meters. Compared with the eastern ridge, the western one has a less steep gradient. Five huge glaciers pour down in the canyon, among which are ice steeps full of cracks.

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