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Chambaling Monastery

Chambaling Monastery  is similar with other major Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, with the well-reserved statues, frescos and Tangkas. The monastery is famous for its religious dance named Guqing which is performed in every Tibetan New Year. Dancers perform in splendid costumes with gruesome masks, all movements in harmony. Such religious dance has high reputation on the whole Tibetan plateau.

Because the monastery is located at the highest part of Chamdo Town, you can have a bird view of the whole county, where the roaring Lantsang River converges Ngom Qu River and Tsarchu Rivers.


How to get :



Purchasing bus tickets at the Chamdo bus station is straightforward, though the staff may rat you up to the PSB if you do not have a permit. There are daily buses to Lhasa, overnighting in Pasho and Bayi enroute.



land cruiser

rent a car and guide go there , it is worth of the visit .



Admission : 35rmb

Open time : any time


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