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Gyantse Dzong

The Gyantse Dzong is Gyantse's town fort sitting upon a hill just north of Gyantse town on China-Nepal Hwy. Wherever you are in Gyantse, the Dzong can be seen. However, the fort lies abandoned today and many of its interior walls and buildings are in disrepair.


The fort is partly ruined, but there are still some things to see. There is an interesting Anti-British Imperialists Museum here displaying a version of the facts of the 1904 British invasion of Tibet and a major battle that took place. The British used massive firepower to defeat a much less powerful Tibetan army here and a part of the fort was blown up during the battle.


The half hour climb up to the fort is well worth it, as the spot offers fantastic vistas of the monastery compound to the north, the town below, and the surrounding valley.  



The main entrance fee: RMB25/pp


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