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Tibet Museum

Tibet Museum is in the west of Lhasa city just opposite the Norbulingka. It covers an area of 23,508 square meters and equipped with modern facilities to ensure quality service for visitors and safety.



The Tibet Museum has a rich collection of cultural relics, including various types of cultural relics of prehistoric period, title-conferring documents issued by the feudal dynasties of past ages, seals of authority, gold albums, gifts granted by emperors. There are also numerous statues of buddhas, bodhisattvas, and figures. There are also rare sutras written on pattra leaves and birch bars, and manuscripts written with gold powder, silver powder, and coral powder. There are also various printed Sanskrit and Tibetan scriptures and colorful tangkas of various painting genres. Unique Tibetan handicrafts, costumes, jewelry, gold ware, silver ware and jade ware are also in the collection. All these are of excellent quality and are invaluable.


The entrance fee is free and exhibits are introduced in Japanese, English, Tibetan and Chinese, in order to accommodate Tibet travellers from all over the world.

open time : summer (10:00~17:30), winter(10:00~16:30) exclude Monday.


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