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Horse Race Festival

Horse Race Festival is one of Tibetan people favorite activities, which is quite popular in vast pastoral areas with a long history. It usually starts between the sixth and seventh Tibetan month.  It is not only the grand gathering for the herdsmen in spare time, but also a site for people to exchange farming, animal husbandry experience and the reveal of spirit of Tibetan people.
Most Tibetan's ancestors lived a nomadic life and then a horse became an important tool in people contacting, producing, and fighting in wars. The tough life and rough environment require the Tibetans to be skilled in the art of riding a horse. People are trained from childhood.
A horse race is held for almost all the Tibetan folk festivals. And the most famous horse races are held in Gyantse, North Tibet, Dangxiong and Tingri. The horse race in snowy plateau is always quite boisterous, which shows the knights' superb skills better. There are speed races and the special effects. Except the horse race, other games are performed to entertain people. Religious activities are also part of the event.
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