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When tibetan opera meets Turandot

Time: 2016/12/2

What will happen after the collision of tibetan opera and Turandot?Sonam Chodron tells by directing Turandot performed in the form of Tibetan opera.
Sonam Chodron is a young actor of Tibetan Opera Troupe,who directed Tibetan drama Turandot as an experimental performance in October 2016.It turns out very successful and got short-listed on 2016 Contemporary Little Theater Drama & Opera Art Festival.They performed this opera in Beijing Fanxing Theater Village from 19 to 20 November 2016.

Photoed by WWW.NEWS.CN  [Xinhua/Liu Jinhai]

Perform Turandot in the form of Tibetan opera is an experimental exploration.They tells a Chinese story in the perspective of western view,and in Tibet language,which provides a broader stage and seeks a more suitable expression way for Tibetan opera.

Photoed by WWW.NEWS.CN  [Xinhua/Liu Jinhai]

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