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Many Bonismo pilgrims kora Tangra Yumco in 2016

Time: 2016/11/29

Tibetan pilgrims believe that kora Mt.Kailash in horse year(Tibetan calendar) and kora Namtro Lake in goat year(Tibetan calendar) is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune.

While Bonismo believes circumambulating kora in monkey year is a great fortune,2016 is monkey year in Tibetan calendar.Tangra Yumco lies in the southwest of Nyima County,next to Tangra Qonco,many bon kora around their holy lake in 2016.


The pilgrim bends down, kneels, prostrates full-length, makes a mark with his fingers,rises to his knees, prays, and then crawls forward on hands and knees to the mark made by his/her fingers before repeating the process.It's quite touching no matter how many times you watch pilgrims to do that.

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