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Thangka Art Exhibition held in Tianjin

Time: 2016/11/25

Qianzhuang Regong Thangka Art Exhibition was held in Binhai New District of Tianjin recently, a 100-meter Thangka in the exhibition attracted everybody's attention.

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Thangka is a painting on silk with embroidery,is a complicated, composite three-dimensional object consisting of a picture panel which is painted or embroidered, a textile mounting; and one or more of the following:a silk cover, leather corners, wooden dowels at the top and bottom and metal or wooden decorative knobs on the bottom dowel. It depicts a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala of some sort.

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The 100-meter Tangka on exhibition was divided into 5 parts.Completed strictly through the most standardized working process of the Regong Thangka,it cost more than 10 Thangka painters work for 6 years,consumed 30 kilogram mineral pigment and 1 kilogram of gold.

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