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Lhasa bus begin to supply heating in winter

Time: 2016/11/14

To ensure that citizens travel in a comfortable and warm environment in Lhasa,Lhasa city bus will begin heating supplement from Nov.15,2016 to March 2017.

鈥淏ecause the temperature in Lhasa varies greatly between day and night,the bus heating supplement would usually given in the morning and after twilight,we will try our best to make sure that the temperature stay around 25锟斤拷?inside the car鈥漵aid Guojie,the vise manager of Lhasa Public Transportation Company.

As far as we know from Guojie,there are 290 buses in Lhasa city supply heating,the heating system is a heating boiler,which is an environmental protection system and can be recycle used,it won鈥檛 produce any harmful gas.

If you come for a Tibet tour during those days,you can try travelling by bus in Lhasa city,acclimate the high altitude in the warm bus on your first day in Lhasa would be a great choice.
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