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2017 Tibetan Calendar will be printed around December

Time: 2016/11/10

According news from Tibetan astronomical almanac Institute,after five months' compiling,the new 2017 Tibetan Calendar would be printed soon around December.2016.
Tibetan calendar is a luni-solar calendar, has a history of 1300 years.According to Tibetan calendar,Tibetan years were named after the 12 animals common in the Chinese zodiac. The month were named according to the four seasons of a year.Every year, Tibetan astronomical almanac Institute calculate the date based on the data of Heavenly Spheres and weather seasons.

The main purposes of printing Tibetan Calendar is to provide a working seasonal schedule for farmers,shepherds, etc,at the mean time, dating the enlightening date of Buddha for the pilgrims.With the help of the annual calendar,local Tibetans would start to plan for the whole new year.

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