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Norbulingka Summer Palace starts annual whitewashing

Time: 2016/11/7

If you go to Norbulingka Summer Palace in the next ten days since Nov.03,you will find this 鈥淭reasure Park" in Tibet quite bustling for the annual whitewashing.

The whitewashing every year should be done before the Lhabab Duchen,the ceremony celebrating the Buddha Shakyamuni descending,which occurs on the 22nd day of the ninth month of Tibetan calendar.Whitewashing is to keep Norbulingka Summer Palace retain its magnificent exterior,milk,honey, granulated sugar,brown suger,saffron are used as the materials,which can play a positive part in protecting the wall.

Many local volunteers came to join painting the wall in Norbulingka with donated materials and big smile.For Tibetan Buddhism,it鈥檚 a good fortune to take part in the painting work.With their great help,Norbulingka,the place you don鈥檛 want to miss in the Lhasa City Holy Tour,regain it鈥檚 clean and beautiful appearance after almost a year鈥檚 exposure to the sun and rain.

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