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The most difficult section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway will start to be built in 2018

Time: 2016/10/28
According news from China Railway No.2 Bureau,the last section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway,Kangding-Nyingchi railway,which is also the toughest and longest section,is expected to start building in 2018,the construction period is expected to finish in seven and a half years.

Sichuan-Tibet Railwaystarts from Chengdu,via Ya'an, Kangding,Gangtuo, Chamdo, Nyingchi and Shannan,ends at Lhasa.The whole railway stretches as far as 1838km,covering 1413km of bridges and tunnels,the investment is estimated to be over 216.6 billion rmb.It is reputed as the most difficult railway to be built,only around 100km shorter than Qinghai-Tibet Railway but needs more time and investment.

Once completed, it will be the shortest train route to Tibet, which just takes about 13 hours. Currently, it still takes about 42 hours to get to Tibet by train from Chengdu.And the shortest train journey to Tibet now is from Xining to Lhasa through the Qinghai Tibet Railway, which takes about 22 hours.It will shorten quite a lot time for taking the train to Tibet.

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