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Three wonderful views in Kham will be temporarily closed due to road construction

Time: 2016/10/10

From October 09, 2016,the Moyu road in Ganzi,known as the most beautiful road around Kham Tibet region,will be temporarily closed due to the construction.No cars will be  allowed in since then.


The worse news is,because of the region control, we have to say goodbye to those three wonderful views for the moment:The Red Stone Park,Ya Jia Qing Hai and Kangding Bai Haizi.



In this case,if you plan to travel from Hailuogou to Kangding,please remember to pass around Luding then to Kangding.

Luckly the control time only starts from 2016.October.09 to 2017.April.30.

If your travel plan covered those views, Chinayak suggest you make an adjustment in advance.More information, you can contact us at

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