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How to travel from Korea to Tibet

Time: 2016/8/3
How to enter Tibet

Going from Korea to Tibet is easy. Firstly, you are supposed to get a Chinese visa. Then, due to the special geographical environment and political factors in Tibet, you are requested to get a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP). What’s more, you should hire a travel agency to arrange a travel schedule, a tour guide, tour vehicle (if going out of Lhasa) and a driver for you. Or you can’t get into Tibet without all of these. The rule is strictly enforced now. Foreign tourists can choose to fly into Tibet or take a train. You will not be permitted to board any flight or train to Tibet without showing your travel permits.

There are 8 to 12 direct daily flights to Lhasa. If you want to fly to Lhasa, flying directly to Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xian or Kunming from Seoul is more convenient. If you choose to take the train, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu or Chongqing is suitable for Korean people.


Tips of applying for a Chinese tourist visa(single entry for this tibet trip will be enough)

1.The validity of passport must be above half a year.

2.You should provide the orders of return ticket and Chinese hotel. Or the invitation letter issued by a unit or individual in China.

3.Filling in the visa application form


How to obtain a permit

You must join a tour now, hire a tour guide and rent a car if you want to get the permit. The permit must be obtained through a travel agency. You are not allowed to apply one by yourself.

Different visa’s requirements

Tourist (L) visa - no additional documents are required.

Visiting (F) visa - a letter of recommendation/invitation from a company in China(with the official company seal).

Business (Z) visa - a letter of recommendation/ invitation from a company in China(with the official company seal) and a scanned copy of your work permit (issued by the government).

Student (X) visa - a letter of recommendation from your school or university, with the school stamp (seal) and a scanned copy of the student ID card.


To make it easier to understand, you should

1.Contact a tour agency in Lhasa. Confirm the date, route, price and other information.

2.Get a Chinese visa anywhere first. Do not mention "Tibet" in the visa application.

3.Send the scanned copy of your Chinese visa plus the information page of your passport to the agency.

4.Enter China.

5.The tour agency will send you either a photocopy or a real copy of the Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) by courier service (EMS) to your hotel in China (Suggest you spend at least one night or daytime more than 5 hours in China).

6.Enter Tibet either by flight or train



1.Try to drinking much water

2.Smoking is harmful. It will cause the attitude sickness worse.

3.Try to do more abdominal breathing

4.Avoid taking a hot bath, warm water bath is needed.

5.Keep a high-carbohydrate diet to relieve the attitude sickness.


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