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How to travel from U.K. to Tibet

Time: 2016/8/3

How to travel from U.K. to Tibet

1.Travel information:

All foreign travelers going to Tibet must be part of an organized tour that includes travel permits, a private vehicle, a driver and a tour guide. There are no exceptions to these travel regulations. Only a travel agency can arrange a journey to Tibet for you. Group Tours to Tibet are not required, but they are an economical way to travel to Tibet. Solo travelers are permitted to go to Tibet, but still must be part of an organized tour as explained above. You will not be permitted to board any flight or train to Tibet without showing your travel permits, which prove that you have an organized tour arranged.

2.About  flight:

The first way to get to Tibet is by flying from London to Chengdu, China. First, there is no direct flight from London to Tibet. Second, there are many flights between Chengdu and Lhasa each day. And British Airways has a direct flight from London to Chengdu, five times a week. In addition, there are direct flights between cities in U.K.  and Shanghai,Beijing,Guangzhou in China as well.

3.About the Chinese visa :

1.A tourist visa for China can be obtained at the China Embassy in London or at the China Consulates in Edinburgh and Manchester

2.Provide a valid passport for not less than 6 months

3.Passport photo

4.When you apply for a Chinese tourist visa, do NOT list Tibet on your visa application. If you do, you almost certainly will have problems. So,when filling out your Chinese Visa Application, simply list a couple of major cities in China, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Shanghai or Guangzhou. It is important to understand that you are still able to go to other places in China; including Tibet. So you can get a Chinese visa more easily. (single entry for this tibet trip will be enough)


4.About TTP:

You need to find a Chinese travel agency to help you get the TTP. The documents needed are your passport and Chinese visa copies. Also need your data of the whole trip, including guide time line and so on, but don't worry, Chinayak can help you to solve. But be sure to ask about one to two months in advance. If you want detailed information, please ask


5.The overall process is as following:

1.Get a Chinese visa(how to get to see the above third points)

2.Contact a travel agency based in Tibet and have offices in other cities,such as Chinayak

 If you plan to enjoy the train trip to Lhasa, please contact the travel agency at least 60days in advance.

3.Send the scanned copy of your Chinese visa plus the information page of your passport to the agency.

4.Enter China.

5.The tour agency will send you either a photocopy or a real copy of the Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) by courier service to your hotel in Mainland China.(So stay over at least one night in one city of Mainland China is strongly suggested)

6. Enter Tibet either by flight or train

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