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Is there any discount for foreign teachers and students when buying Tibet train tickets?

Sorry to tell you that the answer is NO.


Even Chinese teachers are unable to get discounted Tibet train tickets even with a Teacher's Certificate, the same with foreigners.
While Chinese students whose hometown is in Tibet or study in Tibet,can get a 50% discount of the hard seat ticket of Tibet trains no matter which kind of ticket (hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper) .They can buy discount tickets for themslves with their Students' Identity Card. But, this kind of discount is only available during summer or winter vacation and is exclusively for Chinese student. (But I've heard that there is someone get student discount with a Foreign Students' Identity Card)


So theoretically speaking,no foreigner can enjoy any discount of Tibet train tickets,except the child who is under 1.5m tall can get a 50% discount,while under 1.2m tall is free charge.


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