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When is the best time to go to Tibet?

Tibet can be visited anytime of a year, though in our opinion some times are better than others. The area between Lhasa and Everest Base Camp has become very popular among Chinese tourists during the summer time (June through early October). Lhasa can be quite crowded with tourists during this time. Getting train tickets to Lhasa are difficult, hotels are often full and tour prices are never discounted. The views of the Himalaya's are also not the best during the summer. For this reason, staying away from Lhasa and the surrounding area during summer is sensible.

April and May and mid-October through mid February are the best times to go to the TAR. The tourist crowds are small, the weather is generally clear for seeing the Himalaya's, train tickets are much easier to get and tour prices are lower than in the summer. During the winter time (December-February) there are thousands of Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims in Lhasa celebrating Losar (Tibetan New Year). This is a great time to be in Lhasa.

Kham and Amdo can also be visited all year round, though we think the best time of year for these regions is also the spring and fall. Even during the summer time relatively few travelers are found in Kham and Amdo, though this region is generally cloudy during that season meaning that the views of the mountains are not that good. Winter in Amdo and certain regions of Kham can be extremely cold. The temperatures often reaching -20C to -25C. For this reason, some regions of Amdo and Kham should be avoided during the coldest parts of winter.

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