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Dangers & Annoyances

You should be especially vigilant with dogs when exploring back streets or seeking out an obscure monastery.Hurling a few rocks in their direction will let them know you are not in the mood for company, while a hefty stick is good for action at close quarters.The most dangerous dogs belong to remote homesteads or nomad encampments and should be given an extremely wide berth.


Tibet has a long tradition of begging for alms.If you give money to the beggars(and the choice is entirely yours),do not hand out large notes,please just keep all your small change in one pocket.RMB 1 is enough for each beggar.


There is a small risk of theft when travelling in Tibet.Small padlocks are useful for backpacks and dorm rooms. Bicycle chain locks are useful for hired bikes and attaching backpacks to railings or luggage racks.



If something of yours is stolen, you should report it immediately to the nearest foreign affairs branch of the PSB and fill in a loss report  in order to recover the stolen things.Travel insurance is recommended, and it is essential to obtain a loss report so you can claim compensation.

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