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Hospitals in Tibet

Better hospital service and facilities can only be accessed in Chengdu and other major cities.Health clinicsHospital and health clinics in Central Tibet are primarily located in Lhasa, Shigatse, and Tsethang,. The language barrier can be a problem, so it is a good idea to bring along a Chinese interpreter.

Major towns in Tibet have hospitals with basic facilities. Western pharmaceutical treatment, Tibetan herbal remedies and Chinese herbal remedies are also accessible. The medical and sanitary conditions of most hospitals are not as satisfactory as those in developed areas. However, in an emergency, they can still give basic medical treatments and be of great value in saving a life when necessary.


Tibet People's Hospital

Address: Lingkhor Bei Lu northeast of Potala, the biggest and best in Lhasa,

Open time: 24 hours open.

Tel: 6322200 (emergency department),


Emergency Treatment Center

It has English speaking doctors and their service can be reached by emergency call 120.

Address: on the junction of Lingkhor Bei Lu and Duosinge Bei Lu, next to TAR People's Hospital.


Tibetan Traditional Hospital (Mentsikhang)

It has English speaking doctors and the staff is kind.

Address: on Yuthok Lu and opposite the Barkhor Square

Tel: 6324211 (emergency department),



People's Hospital Lhasa

Address: east of the junction where Beijing Dong Lu meets Lingkhor Dong Lu.

Tel: 6323811 (emergency department)


Tibet Hospital of Tibetan Medicine

Address: north end of Niangre Nan Lu


Military Hospital Dental Clinic

Address: on Beijing Xi Lu and near Holiday Inn


Shigatse Hospital is about 500 m (1,650 feet) north of Shigatse Hotel, on Jiefang Dong Lu.


In Tsethang, the hospital is located on the north side of the main road to Gongkar Airport, near the T intersection with the road leading south toward the main part of the city. There is also a hospital in Chonggye.

The hospital closet to the Everest region is in Shegar (turnoff at km market 482/3). It has several inpatient wards and a few doctors, though the Shigatse hospital is better equipped for serious injuries or illnesses


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