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Enjoy the Sunshine of Tibet in Winter.

Time: 2009/10/23

Although Tibet is covered by ice and snow in winter,it is still a good season to visit. The average temperature of Tibet in winter is about 12 degrees Celsius and can be even higher in the daytime because of intensive sunlight.


During winter, roads might be blocked by heavy snow in east Tibet and Ngari and the road to travel to Lhasa, Tsedang, Gyanstse, Shigatse Mt.Everest Base Camp or to Nepal by overland are not affected very much. Acutally from late of Dec. to early Jan is the good time to see the Mt.Everest, with clean sky, bright sunshine, you will have great chances to see the true face of Mt.Everest, also the peculiar phenomenon of Mt.Everest Flag Cloud.


Compared with in summer, it is wiser to travel in Tibet in winter to some extent. Advantageous aspects stand to reasons on sufficient time, less tourists and adequate choices of accommodation. The train into and out of Lhasa is much easier to get than in summer, and there is discount for the flight. The cost of the vehicle, tour guide and accommodation are much lower. Undoubtedly, more economical tour expense is the largest superiority.


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