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How to avoid and treat the high altitude sickness?

1. Please try not to strain yourself and avoid excessive working before taking Tibet tours.
2. Take the prescribed medication before reaching Tibet and continue to take the medication upon arrival there.
3. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol, and taking sleeping pills in the high altitude areas.
4. Drink plenty of water or tea.
5. Eat high-carbohydrate foods (rice, pasta, cereal) while avoiding fatty stuff.
6. Avoid active movements and try to relax in the first one or two days upon arrival at the high altitude areas.
7. Diamox 125 mg tablets taken twice a day is F.D.A. approved for prevention and treatment of A.M.S. Although it originally was released as a diuretic (water pill), it also helps you breath deeper and faster. This allows you to get more oxygen. Diamox is especially helpful with the sleeping problems and other symptoms of A.M.S. While this medicine is effective. It can not found in China. If you want to take, you'd better bring some from home.  It is a prescription drug in many countries, sonsult a doctor for advice. In China , the most popular altitude sickness remedy is'hong-jing-tian', which is usually around Rmb 30 per box with 20 tablets, depends on the ingredients and brand name. Avoid sleeping pills because they may cause shallow breathing at night and make it more difficult for your body to absorb oxygen while you sleep.
8. Use Oxygen to relieve symptoms.
9. If nothing else works, return to the areas with the lower elevation.
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