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2-Day Tour to Qinghai Lake

2-Day Tour to Qinghai Lake

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Destination:Xining-Qinghai Lake-Xining

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Detailed itinerary

Today's highlights:

Riyue Mountains Pass,QinghaiLake,BirdsIsland, RapeFlowersSea


Depart fromXining  city through Riyue mountain pass (The Sun and the Moon mountain), we arrive at Qinghai Lake (Koko Nor), which is the biggest inland salt lake inChina. The most charming and attractive place inQinghaiLakeis the Bird Island. It situated on the western shore of the Lake, and because of the receding water off its shores, theBirdIslandhas been turned into a peninsula. 164 species of birds have been identified at the lake. In spring and summer, the lake is ideal for ornithologists and bird-lovers, such as swan, wild goose, gulls, heron and petrel etc. Sometimes May, sometimes July, the rape flowers mass at the north bank are in full bloom. This breathtaking views, you had never before g


Today's highlights:

Ta'er Monastery, Tu Nationality of Huzhu


After breakfast, transfer to visit Ta'er Monastery which is the birth place of the founder of the Yellow Sect (also called Gelu Sect) Tsong Khapa. In the Tibetan language, Ta'er Monastery is called "gongben" which means 100, 000 figures of Buddha. You can appreciate the famous butter sculptures, the barbolas, and the murals. Go to appreciate the Anzhao Dance and Lunziqiu by the Tu Nationality of Huzhu, at the same time, taste the local wine and snack.

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