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New Silk Road 14-Day Tour

New Silk Road 14-Day Tour

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Detailed itinerary

Hightlights: Along the Ancient Silk Road, you will learn morn about the Grotto arts of Buddhism in northern Xinjiang. You could also go closer to the various minority nationalities, to learn more about their forklore and traditions. You will surely be attracted by the fantastic scenery along the way. And the most important thing is that you will be camping in some beautiful  places.

Day 1: Arrive Urumqi.

Meet at airport or train station and transfer to hotel. 

Day 2: Urumqi --Turpan. 200km, about 3h

Visit the Museum and Bazaar, then drive to Turpan. Visit the Ancient Ruins of Jiaohe, the Karez Irrigation System.

Day 3: Turpan --Yiwanquan, 320km, about 4.5h
Visit the Ancient Ruins of Gaochang, Astana Ancient Tombs, Beziklik Grottoes. After Lunch drive to Tuyugou, visit the oldest Uygur village at the foot of the Flaming Mountain.Then drive to Yiwanquan.


Day 4:  Yiwanquan- Dunhuang  480km,about 7h
Drive to Dunhuang, visit the military works on the top of the hill in Xingxingxia. After lunch there keep driving to Dunhuang. Free time in the night market in Dunhuang. 

Day 5: Dunhuang-Yadan Longcheng, 140km,about 2.5h
After visit to the noted Mogao Grottoes , keep driving to the Yardan national Park--Longcheng
Camping in the wild.


Day 6: Longcheng--Jiayuguan, 480km, about 7h
Drive to Jiayuguan in the morning, after arrive Jiayuguan, visit the fort of the Great Wall--Jiayuguan Pass.Then pay a visit to the Weijin Han Tombs.

Day 7: Jiayuguan--Zhangye--Qilian, 400km, about 6h
After breakfast drive to Zhangye, visit the Mati Temple (caves). Then drive over the Qilian Mountain, visit the beautiful scenery in Qinhai and Tibet Plateau.


Day 8: Qilian--Qinhai Lake--Xining, 310km, about 5h
Drive to Qinhai Lake, trekking along the lake and visit the local Tibet tribes. After Lunch drive to Xining.

Day 9: Xining--Xiahe, 320km, about 5h
Visit Ta'er Temple, the most famous Lamaist Temple in Qinhai and Tibet area.  Then drive to Xiahe of Gansu Province. Visit the minority farms along the way.
Camping in the wild.

Day 10: Xiahe--Guanghe, 160km, about 3h
Visit the Lapleng Temple. The biggest Lamaist Temple in Southern Gansu Province. Then drive to Guanghe, visit the beautiful mosques in Linxia on the way. Also visit the local families of different minority nationality.


Day 11: Guanghe--Tianshui, 230km, about 4h
Drive to Tianshui, appreciate the wonderful scenery in the Loess Plateau along the way. City tour in Tianshui.


Day 12: Tianshui--Xi'an, 280km, about 6
Visit the Maiji Grottoes, then drive to Xi'an. Take the local flavour of Xi'an as dinner.


Day 13: Xi'an
Visit the Terra Cotta Worriers, Museum and the Huajue Mosuqe. After appreciating the Tang's show , farewell dinner-- the Jiaozi banquet . 


Day 14: Xi'an leave

You will be driven to airport or train station based on your time, end of the tour.


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