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Brief Introduction about Qinghai

Brief Introduction about Qinghai

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The Kunlun mythology sourced within Qinghaiprovince and the areas of river source, connecting with Qiang's culture, is also recognized as one of the Chinese culture sources. Specially,Qinghai's painted pottery culture wins is popularity in the world. The heroic epic "Gesa'er" spread inQinghai- Tibetan areas is a huge opus with more than 10 million words and more than 1 million lines. It was said that the opus born in the Song Dynasty was called encyclopaedia for Tibetans. Beside, the Regong arts are the painting arts in Tibetan traditions, which is also famous home and abroad.Qinghaiwas also the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism in "Later Hong Period". The colorful custom culture is also important part of the river source culture. Now the unearthed artifacts have reached 200,000 sets, some of which belong to the State protection grade. There are many historic sites belonging to the State grade, such as Ta'er Lamasary, Qutan Lamasary, Longwu Lamasary, and so on. Several hundreds ancient sites belong to the provincial grade. And some ancient tombs, ancient ruins were excavated or being excavated, such as Liuwan tombs, Tubo tomb groups in Dulan County, Shenna relics and the southern Liang Dynasty relics in Xining Hutai. All of these are the fruits of labour and intelligence of the people in all the southern Liang Dynasty relics in Xining Hutai. In addition, there are some other aspects for study and development, as "Tang Bo Ancient Road", "Silk Sub-Road", minority's living, clothing, medicines, sports and artificial arts.




Now there are 8 large scale dance dramas, mostly created from traditional Tibetan dramas, such as Tibetan drama "Happy fairy maiden" and "Emissary of the Tibetan King", Tibetan song and dance drama "Battle on the Huoling Mount", Beijing opera "the King Gesa'er", song and dance drama "Flowers and Boys", and so on. All these dramas are either the heritage of the excellent cultural traditions or the successful combinations of modern spirit. Among them, the "On the Place Faraway" and "Flowers and Boys" have gone abroad, sung all over the world.

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