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Yangtze River Ship 3-Day Tour

Yangtze River Ship 3-Day Tour

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Chengdu-Chongqing-Ship


At around 07:00am in the morning, the driver picks you up from your hotel in Chengdu and drives you to the bus station. You take the tour bus to Chongqing with other tourists together. It's about 3.5 hours' driving. After you have lunch, you have a chance to visit Chongqing city for almost half day by the tour guide companying. You will visit some famous tour attractions inside the city. And you begin to embark the ship from 18:00pm-20:00pm. The ship will set sail at 22:00pm in the evening. 


Note: You can also quit the half-day tour in Chongqing city and embark the ship at the scheduled time yourself. Our work staff will wait for you at the dock.

Day 2: Have your tour on the ship


At about 06:00am in the morning, you disembark the ship and visit the "Ghost Town" which is taken as the home of the soul of a deceased person, the art treasure that is the collection of Confucianism, Buddha, the Taoism folk culture. And it is known as "China township of the divine comedy" and "the city of human soul". At 10:00am, visit "White male shrine" which was built to commemorate one of the great poets-Baijuyi. Have a close look at some of his famous poems. And then visit Shi Baozhai (4A scenic spot) which is called "the pearl on the Yangtse River"-the biggest miniascape in the world. At about 13:00pm, embark the ship and continue enjoy the Yangtse River tour.


Day 3 Visit Three Gorges Dam and Disembark


Enjoy the beautiful view of Wu Gorge and Xining Gorge. And it was said that Xining Gorge is the most magnificent and miraculous gorge. 10:30am-14:00pm, you visit the giant Yangtze Three Gorges Dam, which is the greatest key water control project in the world at present.

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