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Leshan Giant Buddha,Little steam train, Mt.Emei 3 Days Tour

Leshan Giant Buddha,Little steam train, Mt.Emei 3 Days Tour

Tour Code:SC-03

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Departure Date:Daily

Destination:Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt.Emei

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Chengdu-Leshan  
Place & Transport: Chengdu-Leshan                              
Today's Activities: Leshan one day tour and then drive to Qianwei county


At about 09:00am, the driver will pick you up from the hotel and drive all the tourists to Leshan. You can appreciate the beautiful scenery of west Sichuan Plain on the way. After you have lunch, you begin to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha by walking up to Lingyun mountain or have a very close to see the Buddha by walking down the zig narrow around the Giant one. You can also take a boat to visit. Drive to Qianwei county in Leshan and overnight in Qianwei county.


Day 2 Take the Little Steam Train to Travel  

Place & Transport: Qianwei county in Leshan                                
Today's Activities: Take the Little steam train to Travel and then drive to Emei city

In the morning, at about 08:50am drive you to Shixi (20 minutes' driving) to take the train departure at 09:30am to Huangcun mine well. You have chance to take the world's our-of-print Jiayagn small steam train to travel. There are profound and tranquil valleys where spinulose trees, survived the dinosaur extinction age, grow in prosperity; there are small villages traditional in farming and pure in folk culture that decorate the railway; there are Anti-Japanese War industry sites, ecological gardens, Su-styled residences, a village named Jinxingguzai with its features of Qing Dynasty which all present one another unique scenes that are waiting for discovering eyes. You can get down to the mine well (80rmb per person) and experience the hardships of digging the coals. You take the train back to Shixi. And then transfer to Emei city. Overnight in Mt. Emei.
Notes: The year 1938 witnessed the establishment of the 1st Sino-British joint mine venture in the small town Bagou, Qianwei County, Leshan City in Sichuan province. Along with the venture, Bashi Railway (connecting Bagou and Shixi-another small town nearer to Qianwei County) came into existence in 1958. So did Jia Yang Little Train-the only steam locomotive all over the world that is still in operation as well as the only transportation means for the locals to get into and out of Bagou ever since then and up till now.
Bashi Railway is 19.84 kilometers in length. The steam locomotive little train goes on its journey 4 times everyday. Each journey takes about two hours and a half. 8 stops are arranged with 4 tourist attractions on the way. The whole journey is a trip in scenic area.
Day 3 Mt.Emei-Chengdu
Place & Transport: Mt. Emei-Chengdu                               
Today's Activities: Mt. Emei one day tour and then drive back to Chengdu
For the whole mountain tour, you go to Golden Summit by cable car. Sightseeing the Golden summit and enjoy the cloud sea, Huazang Temple. For the half-mountain tour, you take the sightseeing bus to one of the biggest Monasteries-Wannian Temple and visit the one of the ten scenic spots of Mt.Emei, Baishui Pool. And to see one of the most precious treasure "The Bronze Stature of the Samantabhadra riding on the elephants". And then visit the Bailong Cave and Qingyin Pavilian where you hear the Double-Bridge Spray which is also one of the ten scenic spots of the resort. After the plank path, you through a Line of the Sky to arrive at the nation's biggest Wild Natural Ecological Monkey Areas to see the cute monkeys. In the afternoon, drive you back to Chengdu.


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July-Oct.  240USD P.P. (start from 2 people )
Other time  230USD P.P.(start from 2 people )
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6.cable car to the Golden summit

7. meals

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2. Your own expense
3. Flight & train tickets

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