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Tiger Leaping Gorge  Hiking Tour (9-Day Tour )

Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour (9-Day Tour )

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Lijiang-Shangri-La(L,D)
Bus from Lijiang or Shangri-La, 2.5 hours driving get to Qiaotou, then start trekking in Tiger Leaping Gorge. After 2 hours' hiking, stop for lunch in the Naxi family Guesthouse. After lunch we walk up hill 2 hours along the trail to get on the top, and then walk down 1.5 hours to the Tea-horse Guesthouse. Overnight in Tea-horse Guesthouse. 

Day 2: Bendiwan village-Daju(B,L,D)
After breakfast we walk along the trail about 1.5 hours to get to the Bendiwan village, another half hour you will see the waterfall. Go down1.5 hours get to the road. Stop for lunch in the Tina's Guesthouse. After lunch we drive 9 kilometres get to the village, and then walk another 2 hours get to the ferry. After crossing the Yangtze River, walk another half hour get to Daju. Overnight in Daju Inn (public shower and toilet).
On the way to Tiger Leaping Gorge you will see many Naxi minority villages, beautiful mountain with terraced fields full of mustard flowers and other plants. The trail is naturally divided into three sections. The first section, which is the narrowest and uppermost section, is the mouth of the fast flowing Yangtze River. In the midst of the river's mouth is a large rock that is positioned at the gorge's narrowest section - only 30 meters wide. An ancient legend says that tiger used this rock as its stepping stone so it could leap across from one side of the gorge to the other, which is how the gorge got its name. As the river enters the middle section, it drops another 100 meters and its flow rate increases to an amazing speed. Here the thunderous rushing water slam into sharp, large rocks and crash down into the river forming swirling whirlpools. Can it be more exciting? 

Day 3: Guolu Naxi village-Baoshan(B,L,D,)
After breakfast we will drive 100 kilometres, pass Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and then get to Guolu Naxi village, 3.5 hours later we stop for lunch in the village at local restaurant. After lunch drive a little bit further to the top, then 3 hours walking down to the stone city in Baoshan. Overnight in Mu family Guesthouse (Public shower and toilet). 

Day 4: Baoshan-Lioqing (B,L,D)
2 hours hiking along the trail, pass some Naxi villages, and get to the foot hill Prince Mountain. Today we twice crawl through hewed tunnels in the rock. The first one is about 60 meters while the second one is 90 meters. Climb up to Prince Mountain (3 hours to get to the top), picnic lunch on the way then another half hour to get to the village Liouqing. Overnight in the Naxi family home stay (public toilet, no shower). 

Day 5: Liouqing-Fenglian (B,L,D)
In today  6-7 hours hiking we'll pass through many Naxi villages along the Yangtze River. Picnic lunch in the village. Overnight in the Guesthouse (public shower and toilet). 

Day 6: Fenglian-Gouwao (B,L,D)
After breakfast 1.5 hours walking down to get to the ferry, take boat cross Yangtze River. Walking the other side 1 hour to the Mosuo village called Labo, stop lunch in the village. After lunch we walk up 3 hours to Gouwao village. Overnight in home stay Mosuo family. Not possible for shower. 

Day 7: Gouwao-Zhuangzi (B,L,D)
4-5 hours hiking. Pass some Mosuo and Pumi village, picnic lunch in the village. Afternoon get to Zhuangzi village. Stay Pumi family guesthouse (public shower and toilet). 

Day 8: Zhuangzi-Yongning-Lugu lake (B,L,D)
After breakfast we walk along the stream and beautiful forest, you will see many plants and azaleas trees, rhododendron in spring. 3 hours get to the pass, continue walking down get to the Yi people village. Picnic lunch on the way. After lunch, walk about 3 hours get to Yongning town. Finish walk, take a local taxi drive to Lugu Lake. Overnight in Mosuo family hotel. 

Day 9: Lugu Lake-Lijiang (B,L,D)
Early morning cruise on Lugu lake and visits Mosuo village. Lunch in Ninglang Yi people town. After lunch 4 hours drive back to Lijiang. 
Important information
- During the 6 days when we explore in the village of the local hill tribes, accommodation is in basic conditions guest houses but the hospitality is warm and welcoming. You will trek through some mountains and valleys that the sceneries are unbelievable. It is a rare opportunity to see first hand the farmers' way of lives.
- During you 8 days trek, you only need to carry a day pack with the things you require during the day. For the 6 days from Goulu to Yongning, your trek is full porters and horses support you. For 2 days trek on the tiger leaping gorge your bags will be transported by vehicle.

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