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Silk Road 7-Day Tour

Silk Road 7-Day Tour

Tour Code:SR-01

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1

Fly to Lanzhou

Place & Transport: flight to Lanzhou
Today's Activities: Arrive in Lanzhou

Take a flight to Lanzhou and have a rest in your hotel.


Day 2

Lanzhou- Jiayuguan

Place & Transport: Lanzhou- Jiayuguan                             
Today's Activities: the Statue of Mother Huanghe, Zhongshan Bridge, Lanzhou Snack Street, train to Jiayuguan

After breakfast, visit the Statue of Mother Huanghe, the first bridge on Huanghe River- Zhongshan Bridge and have local snack on Lanzhou Snack Street. At last, take a train to Jiayuguan in the evening.


Day 3

Jiayuguan- Dunhuang

Place & Transport: Jiayuguan- Dunhuang
Today's Activities: Jiayuguan Fort, bus to Dunhuang

Arrive in Jiayuguan in the morning, visit Jiayuguan Fort. This fort was christened the "Impregnable Defile Under Heaven" in China. After lunch, bus to Dunhuang, you could enjoy the beautiful gebi scenery on the way.


Day 4

Dunhuang- Turpan

Place & Transport: Dunhuang- Turpan
Today's Activities: Mogao Caves, Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Lake, train to Turpan

Visit the Mogao Caves, one of the greatest repositories of buddhist art in the world. And then, visit Mingsha Shan and Crescent Moon Lake. In the evening, take a train to Turpan.


Day 5


Turpan- Urumqi

Place & Transport: Turpan- Urumqi
Today's Activities: the Jiaohe Ruins, Flaming Mountains, Grape Valley, Urumqi

After breakfast, visit Jiaohe Ruins, one of the world's largest, oldest, and best preserved ancient cities. Flaming Moutains whose midday appearance is aptly compared to multicoloured tongues of fire. Then go to Grape Valley for lunch. Before we drive to Urumqi, we will visit Karez-a kind of local ancient irrigation in Xinjiang.


Day 6


Urumqi - Tianchi

Place & Transport: Urumqi- Tianchi                                                       
Today's Activities: Tianchi

Day tour to Tianchi. Tianchi means Heaven Lake, it is two thousand metres up in the Tian Shan Mountain range. There are many Chinese mythes about this lake. Back to Urumqi in the afternoon, visit Erdaoqiao international bazaar.


Day 7

Exit Urumqi

Place & Transport: Exit Urumqi
Today's Activities: Fly out of Urumqi

Our guide and driver will see off at Urumqi airport. End the tour.

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