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Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Lanzhou-Xining 8-Day Tour

Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Lanzhou-Xining 8-Day Tour

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1

Beijing to Jiayuguan

Place & Transport: Beijing-Jiayuguan
Today's Activities: Board on the train

Take a train to Jiayuguan from Beijing. Start the journey to the silk way in ancient China.

Day 2


Place & Transport: Jiayuguan
Today's Activities: Arrive in Jiayuguan

Our guide will pick you up at the Jiayuguan Railway Station and transfer to the hotel. The rest time is on your own.

Day 3


Place & Transport: Jiayuguan-Dunhuang
Today's Activities: Jiayuguan Fort, Yadan Geomorpholgy

After breakfast, visit Jiayuguan Fort which is famous as "the Western Badaling", then drive to visit Sha Zhou- Dunhuang, along the way, you can appreciate the Yadan Geomorphology.

Day 4


Place & Transport: Dunhuang-Lanzhou
Today's Activities: the Mingsha Shan, Crescent Moon Lake, Mogao Caves

After breakfast, drive to visit the Mingsha Shan and Crescent Moon Lake. You can experience the camel-riding, sand skling, and paragliding. Enjoy the happy hours and the charming scenic of the desert along the way. Afternoon, visit Dunhuang Mogao Cave, the treasure of Chinese Buddhism Arts. And then visit the factory tooled the luminous wine glass, the most famous handicraft in Dunhuang. Take a evening train to Lanzhou.

Day 5


Place & Transport: Lanzhou-Xi'ning
Today's Activities: White Pagoda Hill, the Irom Bridge of Huanghe, the Waterwheel Garden, the Statue of Mother Huanghe.


Pick you up at the railway station and transfer to visit the White Pagoda Hill which is one of the most ancient and symbolic constractions in Lanzhou. Visit the Iron Bridge of Huanghe, which is famous as the first bridge of Huanghe in the world. And the Waterwheel, the most ancient tool of irrigation in the Yellow River. Drive to Xi'ning and transfer to the hotel.

Day 6

Xi'ning one day tour

Place & Transport: Xi'ning
Today's Activities: Qinghai Lake, the Riyue Shan, Daotanghe

After breakfast drive 2 hours to visit Qinghai Lake which is the biggest salt lake in China, located in the northeast of Qinghai Province. The elevation of the lake surface is about 3196m. Different sceneries in different seasons. And there are so many islands, especially the famous Bird Island. On the way, you can have a far view of Riyue Shan. On the east side of the hill, there are fertile fields, and wide glassland on the west side. At the foot of the hill, there is the famous Daotanghe, wandering to the western. The golden flowers grow on the both sides of the river.

Day 7


Place & Transport: Xi'ning-Lanzhou
Today's Activities: Ta'er'si

Visit the birthplace of Huangjiao, the three unique art skills, including the barbola, fresco and the butter sculpure. Visit Ta'er'si which is one of six monastories of Gelu denomination in Tibetan Buddhism. Then return Lanzhou and transfer to the hotel.

Day 8


Place & Transport: Lanzhou
Today's Activities: Departure from Lanzhou

Morning airport dropping off, end the trip.

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