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Sichuan Buddhist 11-Day Tour

Sichuan Buddhist 11-Day Tour

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Chengdu 
Place & Transport: Arrival at Chengdu
Today's Activities: Arrival at Chengdu


Arrive in Chengdu and our driver will pick up you at the railway station or airport. Then transfer to the hotel and the rest of the time will be on your own.

Day 2 Chengdu-Leshan 
Place & Transport: Chengdu-
Today's Activities: Visit Leshan Giant Buddha


Drive to Leshan in the morning, visit Leshan Giant Buddha which is the biggest stone Buddha in the world or Oriental Buddha' Capital. Overnight in Leshan city.



Day 3 Leshan-Jiajiang 
Place & Transport: Leshan-Jiajiang
Today's Activities: Jijiang Sculpture one day tour


Drive to Jiajiang in the morning, and then visit Jiajiang Sculpture which is famous for its unique thousands of stone Buddhas carved on the cliff. Rich in religious and cultural relic, Jiajiang has a great a great collection of sculpture arts. There are all kinds of stone Buddhist statues, including 162 stone carved Buddhas and over 2,400 stone buddhist statues. And you can visit the Paper Hand-made Museum if time available, in the evening drive back to Chengdu.


Day 4 Chengdu-Guangyuan 
Place & Transport: Chengdu-Guangyuan                             
Today's Activities: Guangyuan one day tour


Drive from Chengdu to Guangyuan in the morning where was the birth place of Wu zetian who was the only woman in the history of China to assume the title of Empress Regnant. Visit Huangze Temple which was originally called "Manu temple" or "Chuanzhu Temple", traditionally was said to be built to commemorate the chief of Sichuan prefecture. Because Wu Zetian was born here, its name was changed into Huangze Temple. It has big Buddha buildings, Ze Tian Hall, Small Nanhai Sea, Five Buddha Pavillion, and Lvzu Cabinet etc. The stone statue of seated Wu Zetian was preserved in Ze Tian Hall. Overnight in Guangyuan.



Day 5 Guangyuan-Chengdu 
Place & Transport: Guangyuan-Chengdu
Today's Activities: Thousand Buddha Cliff and back to Chengdu


Full day visiting Thousand Buddha Cliff in Guangyuan which are on the wall of the cliff that is about 420 metres long and about 40 metres high, whose scale is the largest among the grottoes in Sichuan Province. The grottoes and shrines there are arranged layer upon layer, which reach 13 layers at most. It was recorded on a stone tablet built in the fourth year (1854) of the Xianfeng rein in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) that there used to be altogether more than 17,000 statues on the cliff. Drive back to Chengdu.


Day 6 Chengdu-Anyue 
Place & Transport: Chengdu-Anyue                         
Today's Activities: Sleeping Buddha House and Cliff Buddhas


Drive to Anyue county which is about 170km from Chengdu and takes about 4 hours' driving. It would be just a simple little town if not for its stone sculptures, which are ancient, abundant, and exquisite, scattered in the county's four corners. Anyue grottos have had a history of about 1,500 years, today, boasting more than 200 grottos that houses over 100,000 Buddhist statues and sutras of about 400,000 words, Anyue is reputed as "the hometown of Chinese folk arts". Overnight in Anyue. 


Day 7 Anyue-Dazu 
Place & Transport: Anyue-Dazu
Today's Activities: Cliff Buddhas in Shiyang town and then to Dazu

After breakfast, full day visiting the Sleeping-Buddha Temple which is located in Bamiao village about 40km from the Anyue county. Its construction started in the Tang Dynasty and lasted to the period of the Five Dynasties. It boasts 139 grottos housing 1,600 statues carved along 500 meters of cliffs. The most magnificent site is the "Nirvana of the Left-Recling Sakyamuni," the world's largest left-recling Buddha. In the afternoon, transfer to Dazu county.

Day 8 Dazu 
Place & Transport: Dazu                                
Today's Activities: Dazu one day tour

Visit Dazhu Stone Carvings are which entered the world cultural heritage list in 1999. There are more than 40 sites of stone carvings with over 50,000 statues of Buddha completed from the late Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The grottoes on the Beishan Hill and Baoding Hill are the largest in scale, richest in content and most refined in artistic skill. One of the most beautiful carvings is the sleeping Buddha- Sakyamuni as he is called in China. It is 31 meters (101 feet) long, in a reclining position, and surrounded by much smaller statues of his mourning disciples and family members. Overnight in Dazu.


Day 9 Dazu-Chongqing 
Place & Transport: Dazu-Chongqing
Today's Activities: Drive from Dazu to Chongqing


After breakfast, drive from Dazu to Chongqing which is about 168km away and 1 hour' driving. Chongqing is also called "Mountain City" a major city in Southwest China and and the only such municipality in inland China. You can have a walk around Chongqing city. Overnight in Chonqing.


Day 10 Exit 
Place & Transport: Exit
Today's Activities: Exit


Have your own time in Chongqing and in the afternoon airport or train station send off.  

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