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Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple

Encompassing 37,000 square meters, Wuhou temple is located in the southern suburb of Chengdu, enclosed by red walls where are specious buildings shaded by towering old cypresses. Once you are in, you can see a stone tablet. The epigraph on it was composed by Pei Duo, a famous prime minister in the Tang dynasty (618 ~ 907A.D.), then written by a famous calligrapher named Liu Gongquan and finally engraved on the stone by Lu Jian, a well known craftsman. So it is called "Tablet of Three Excellence". The second gate brings you to Liu Bei Palace. Inside are the statues of Liu Bei (the emperor), Guan Yu (a general), Zhang Fei (another general), and Liu Zhan, the grandson of Emperor Liu Bei. Inside the Zhuge Liang Palace, you can see the statues of Zhu and his descendants. There are three drums in the room, called "Zhu Ge Drums". Allegedly Zhu made those drums during the war. Emperor Liu Bei's tomb is also in the temple. There are more than 40 statues of historical characters, over 40 tablets and more than 10 bronze instruments such as bells, stoves, tripods and drums.


The Wuhou Temple was listed as a national historical site by the government in 1961. People who are keen on the history of ancient China will find this spot interesting.


Admission: 60RMB/pp
Recommended visiting time: 2-3 hrs
Transportation: Bus No. 1, 301, 334, 901, 904,etc go there.

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