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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream

Along with the grandeur, elegance and danger of the Yangtze River, the Shennong Stream has its own unique scenery. It has four natural gorges - Chengnong Gorge, Mianzhu Gorge, Yingwu Gorge and Longchang Gorge - and each has unique characteristics. 


        Among the four gorges, Mianzhu Gorge is renowned for its danger. The riverbed is not only narrow, but also falls steeply. Over 30 dangerous shoals will challenge everyone along the 2.5-mile route. As you drift along this section, your heart will beat heavily, even as you feel reassured as to your safety by the skilled boatmen. Stalactites hang on both sides of the bank; be sure not to miss this scenery.  


        Yingwu Gorge is noted for its elegance. The evergreen vegetation along the banks remains beautiful during the whole year. Here, a gorge with flowers that blossom in all seasons and a fountain of three colors can be admired. The largest karst cave of Shennong Stream also lies within this section; The Longchang Gorge is one with a unique human landscape. The ancient and mysterious suspended wooden coffins and plank road are the highlight of the section.


Entrance fee: RMB100

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