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Drifting through the county of Zhongzhou, the boat takes around three hours to arrvie at Shibaozhai on the northern bank of the river. Shibaozhai, literally means Stone Treasure Stockade, was first built in Qing Dynasty in 1750.


       The pagoda was built against a rock, so only three walls were man-made. One of the first you will notice about this pagoda is that its windows are round, which is unique for a pagoda. Also, the temple walls are painted in red with colorful decorations.


       The pagoda has 12 storeys, of which only 3 are higher the rock itself while the remaining are built against it. The entrance gate (see photo) is truly a masterpiece in architecture, style and colors. This is a close-up of the top part of the gate.


Entrance fee: RMB20

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