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Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Silk Museum is located in Renmin road in Suzhou city and was erected in 1991. The museum, which sits on a 9,400 sqm parcel, boasts an architectural style that can be called elegant and refined, yet uniquely modern.


Suzhou Silk Museum, which is divided into three parts, or sub-museums, the ancient museum, the modern museum, and the contemporary museum,thus combines the ancient with the modern. Not surprisingly, the theme of the museum's permanent exhibit is Suzhou's "Silk Road" past, with its unavoidable cultural exchanges, for good or for worse (wealth sometimes, as it did in the case of Suzhou's Silk Road history, invites robber barons), between China and the rest of the world.


Admission fee: RMB7

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