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Mount Taishan

Mount Taishan

Mount Taishan is well known for it's majesty in vigour, grandness in structure, soaring in shy and rooting in terra, broad foundation, steady and massiness. The typical character of natural scenery of Mt.Taishan is splendid,graceful,and spacious. The picturesque of the variety with cragged cliff, deep canyon and gorge, astonishing apexes, fantastic rocks, luxuriant vegetation and the stream swift-flowing along with twitter echoing. The mountain also has the unique marvelous sights as: the rising sun at dawn, the unfurling endlessly sea of cloud and jade like cloud surrounding the summits, the aura of fairy with name of BiXia (means as beautiful as azure cloud), rosy clouds at sunset ect.


From ancient time till now, Mt. Tai is recognized as blest and sacred Mountain and held the accolade "First of the Five Sacred Mountains in China". Furthermore, Mt. Taishan symbolized the peaceful life and unified country. Beginning over 2,200 years ago with the First Emperor of Qin, more than a dozen emperors paid their homage to the mountain. Vast quantities of poetry and stone inscriptions were left by emperors, poets and scholars of every age. Confucians and Taoists relates each other harmoniously on the mountain. And civilians worshiped the mountain with sincere esteem. In other words, the Mt.Tai has becomes the symbol of Chinese spirit. There are also peculiar geologic structures as three grand fracture layers, Komatiite rocks and swirl shaped allgovite rocks; masterpieces of ancient constructions as Dai Temple, the South gate to Heaven, BiXia temple; precious stone inscriptions of past dynasties as Qin dynasty stone inscriptions,inscriptions rocks of the Diamond Sutra, cliffs with inscriptions of Tang dynasty; ancient trees like pine trees of Qin Dynasty, cypress of Han Dynasty (about 1800 years ago), locust tree of Tang Dynasty(about 1200 years ago).


All the above syncretize and integrate nature scenery and human culture. 7000 stone stairs run 9 kilometers long through the mountain from the foot to the zenith and look like the axes line of Mount Taishan. The buildings and inscriptions on both sides of stairs a pillar leading to heaven integrate earth, heaven and human as a whole.


Because of the unique integration of human civilization and natural landscape, Mount Taishan is respected by billion Chinese people and becomes famous allover the world as well as treasurable heritage of all human.

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