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The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is located within the Haidian District, northwest of Beijing.It is the best preserved imperial garden in the world and the largest of its kind that still in existence in China today. It is mainly composed of the Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake. The huge garden boasts about 3,000 garden architecture and is broken into three zones: office zone, living quarters and sightseeing area. 

The Summer Palace occupies a total area of more than 290 hectares. The Longevity Hill covers one fourth of the total area while the Kunming Lake covers the rest three quarters. The beautiful former imperial garden is set off by a multitude of highly decorated buildings, halls, pavilions, bridges, towers, pagodas, isles, and courtyards. The harmonious layout of the garden is a Chinese architectural masterpiece that combines both the gorgeous landscape and the treasure of the traditional Chinese gardening art.


Admission fee: RMB50/p.p

Suggestive time to visit: at least half a day

How to get:
The summer palace is about 12km northwest of the centre of Beijing. Take the subway to Xizhimen station (close to the zoo), then a minibus or bus 375; the nearest light rail station is Wudaokou. Other useful buses here include 331 and 801 and 808 from the centre town.

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