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Yangshuo Attractions

Yangshuo Attractions

Green Lotus Peak

So called is because the peak looks like a blossoming lotus flower in the major hill of Yangshuo County. Legend has it that the Green Lotus Fairy used to live in Heaven but often felt caged in. One day she met with Chang Er, a Chinese fairy living on the moon, and asked her for help. Chang Er showed her sympathy for the Green Lotus Fairy. She turned the fairy into a piece of paper and took her out of the heavenly palace secretly to the Li River. One day, Nanji Xianweng (God of Longevity) traveled here and discovered the green lotus. He planned to take it to the heavenly pool. The green lotus was very sad because she fell in love with the carp in the river. And she asked the carp to blot up the water of the Li River so as to stay forever with the carp. As a result, she was turned into a stone hill, which is now the present-day Green Lotus Peak, by the annoyed Nanji Xianweng. The annoyed Nanji Xianweng also changed the carp into what is known today as the Carp Shoal. One can appreciate the natural landscape of the peak at Yingjiang Pavilion which provides eight windows for views of the mountain. Beyond the top of the hill, a striking scene composed of numerous peaks, rosy clouds, villages, the Li River and Yangshuo Country beckons the visitor. A sunrise view framed in light fog would be a memorable experience.


The Moon Hill

About one kilometer from the Banyan Tree lies a hill whose peaks tower the sky as if it has reached the clouds. It is a huge slice of rock with a round hole in its center, and you mount 800 steps on a marble paved mountain path to reach it. At various angles it resembles from the new moon to a full moon. The rock measures 380 m (height) by 410 m (length) by 220 m (width). Legend has it that there is a Guanghan Palace on the moon inhabited by the beauty Chang'e, the Jade Rabbit, and Wu Gang the woodcutter. People in olden days thought they saw these immortals when they came upon spots on the moon's surface. Visitors to Moon Hill call to each other's attention that there are nature formed rock images of Chang'e, the Jade Rabbit and Wu Gang the woodcutter. With 14 rock-climbing routes on the northwest side, Moon Hill offers sufficient challenge to both amateur and professional climbers. The region around Moon Hill is included in an official plan for tourism development.


Big Banyan Tree

Big Banyan Tree, located 7.5km south of Yangshuo, is one of the main scenic attractions of Yangshuo County. It has survived wind and rain over centuries since it was planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618). It is also famous because the Chinese film 'The Third Sister Liu' was partly shot here. Thus a beautiful love story adds to the magic of this centuries-old tree. This tree, measuring 7 meters (about 23 feet) in width and 17 meters (about 55.8 feet) in height has experienced extensive growth over the years. Although its stem is very old and its roots twist, its branches and leaves stretch out so lushly that the sunshine hardly penetrates its shadow. Sitting in its shadow on even the hottest day of the summer, you barely break out in a sweat. It is under this tree that The Third Sister Liu declared her admiration to her lover The A'niu.




Xi Jie (West Street)

Xi Jie (West Street), with its souvenir shops and travelers' cafes, has become a bona-fide tourist attraction for Chinese visitors, who completely take over the street starting in the early afternoon when boats from Guilin pull in. West Street is 517 meters (1,696 feet) long and 8 meters (26 feet) wide, meandering in an 'S' along its length. Being completely paved with marble it is a typical example of a southern China street. It is greatly admired by foreigners for its simple style and courtyard-like setting. There is a saying about West Street that 'half is village while the other half is stores'. West Street does not only satisfy you visually. You will be tempted by foods from all over the world: ciba (a kind of Chinese rice cake) and rice noodle of Yangshuo, authentic Italian coffee, banana cake, Western style food, etc. So now, choose a cafe, ask for a cup of coffee and let the pretty scenery and dulcet music take you to a fantastic world.


Xingping Village

Xingping Village is about 25km northeast of Yangshuo County. Rows of houses in the village were built with green bricks and black roof, with typical household characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  Both Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal belong to this scenic area. The charm of the town is greatly enhanced by the surrounding hills.


Other sites as Butterfly Spring Park, Fishing Village, Impression on Sanjie Liuying, Lotus Cave, Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden, Yulong River, etc.

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