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Western Hills

Western Hills

Approximately 15 kilometers from Kunming, the Western Hills spread out across a long wedge of parkland on the western side of Dian Lake. It contains the Huating Hill, Taihua Hill and Luohan Hill, extending a distance of more than 40 kilometers at an altitude of between 1900 meters to 2350 meters above sea level. Legend goes that at ancient time locals mistook a phoenix for Jade Chicken and called the hill Jade Chicken Hill. The hill also called Lying Buddhist Hill for its resemblance of a sculpture of a lying Buddha.


West Hill is very beautiful with lush vegetation, blooming flowers, green grass and tranquil surroundings. West Hill has enjoyed great fame for its beautiful and unique natural scenery since ancient time and was renowned as "the most beautiful place in Yunnan". Looked from afar, the mountain looks like a sleeping beauty lying on the Dianchi Lake. The girl looks so fascinating with her dark long hair flowing on the water face and you can even distinguish her head, breast, belly and two slim long legs. West Hill has become a popular attraction with many scenic spots. Each spring, the locals will gather here singing folk songs, playing dragon and lion show and enjoying the stunningly beautiful scenery around.


How to get:

Minibuses leave when full from opposite Yunnan Fandian. It's more reliable to use local buses: take bus 5 from the Kunming Hotel to the reminus at Liangjiahe, and then change to bus 6, which will take you to Gaoyao bus station at the foot of the hills. Minibus also leave from Liangjiahe and drop passengers off at the Tomb of Nie Er.

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