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Divine Light Monastery

Divine Light Monastery

Baoguang Monastery ( Divine Light Monastery), in Xindu County, is 18 kilometers (11 miles) away from Chengdu City. The temple acquired its name from Emperor Xizong of Tang Dynasty (618-907) when he saw the divine light coming form the bottom part of the temple one night. Legend also tells how monks at the temple found 13 Buddhist relics, crystal and bright. Today, its storied history, splendid architecture, majestic sculptures, peaceful environment and plenty of guest services, have made Baoguang Temple a popular destination for travelers from home and abroad.


Through the gate, the main structures are Shanmen Hall, Tianwang Hall, Dagoba, Seven-Buddha Hall, Da-Xiong-Bao-Dian and Sutra-Preservation Pavilion, etc. which were majestically built in large scale. More than 400 pillars supported the arrangement of one tower, five halls and sixteen courtyards. The most exquisite architecture in the temple is considered that of Arhat Hall - the pearl of oriental sculpture art, in which are four doorways and many statues carved by a famous sculpture master of Sichuan Province. Another attractive feature of Baoguang Temple is the abundant richness of The Three Treasures, Buddhist relics, Night-blooming Cereus and Beiye Sutra.             


Besides, tourists can appreciate calligraphies of many celebrities in Chinese history. There are many State treasures including 'Running Horses', drawn by Xu Beihong, a famous Chinese artist. Other cultural relics preserved in the temple include Shelizi (Buddhist relics) of Baoguang Temple; bronze Ding (an ancient cooking vessel), and other precious paintings by well-known artists.


Entrance fee: RMB5/p.p

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