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Du Fu's Thatched Cottage

Du Fu's Thatched Cottage

It is located on the bank of the Huanhua River in a western suburb of Chengdu City and is Du Fu's former residence. Du Fu's Thatched Cottage covers an area of 16 hectares.


Constructions inside represent Qing Dynasty style, with gardens of the unique compound style in Chinese gardening tradition. The Gate, the Screen Wall, the Lobby, the History in Verse Hall, and the Gong Bu Temple are lined one by one along the middle axis, flanked by corridors and other auxiliary buildings. Among them and in between are trees and bamboo groves, winding brooks and linking small bridges. All these give the place an atmosphere of solemnity and meanwhile a sense of beauty and grace. To the east of the Gong Bu Temple stands the Tablet Pavilion which is the original site of Du fu's Cottage and has been a famous attraction of the city. In February 1997, the government allotted a special fund to rebuild the cottage itself.


The newly-built cottage shows typical style of the west Sichuan home residence. The site is to the north of the Tablet Pavilion, covering an area of 1000 square meters with a construction area of 240 square meters. The cottage has 5 main and 4 attached rooms, with the thatched roofs and the old fashioned inside empty wall made of two layers of bamboo strip and spread on the surface with clay. Around the house are bamboo fences and inside the fences are vegetable and herb plots, easily reminding people of the scenes described in Du Fu's poems. While taking a quiet walk in such a historical cultural environment, visitors are apt to be brought back to the ancient times.


Admission: 60 RMB/pp
Recommended visiting time: about 2hrs
Transportation: Bus No. 301 goes there.

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