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Fengdu ghost city

Fengdu ghost city

The Fengdu County lies in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, 170km from Chongqing, is the first disembarkations along Yangtze River Cruise. Nicknamed the City of Gosts, the town faces inundation once all the sluice gates are shut on the Three Gorges Dam. 


        The main scenic spots in Fengdu are the Mingshan Hill which was appointed as one of the national key relics in the Three Gorges area along the Yangtze River, Shuangguishan National Forest Park which is famous for its gardening beauty, "the Ghost Land & God Palace" and "the Judicial Street in the Nether world" modeled after its ancient structure which are the largest ghost culture spots in the country and also the largest dynamic tourist spots in Southwest China. The Huinan Han Graves with their grand and peculiar structure, high density, long history and high cultural value, the Grand Ghost Stone Carving under construction, the Siping Forest Park with low sea level, Sanfu Virgin Forest Center, Longhe Scenic Spot (stalactite cave, boating), and other natural scenic spots. 



Entrance fee:RMB65

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