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Inside the train

Inside the train

Soft sleeper(first class) berth Car
        There are 12 compartments with doors in a cabin; 4 berths in each comparment, two upper and two lower; there is enough private room in soft sleeper comparments while there is less than enough in hard sleeper comparments.


Hard sleeper(second class) berth Car
        There are 18 compartments without doors in a cabin; 6 berths in each comparment, two upper ,two middle and two lower; private room in hard sleeper compartment is less than the soft sleeper berth



Sink areas of the Tibet Train

        Train attendants always keep the sink areas reasonably clean.There are three sinks which have the push type water faucet where you push and then the water stays on for a few seconds and then you need to push it again



Toilets on the Train

        There are two toilets available at the end of each car. On one side was a Asian toilet and on the other side was a Western toilet. Over all they were kept clean,Toilet paper available.



Oxygen Supply System on Tibet Train

        Oxygen Suppy tude and mask on each cabin for emergency,besides, Tibet train will have oxygen filling all compartments in the train when it is driving into the plateau zone



Passengers favorite--Dining Cars

        When the train arrives between Golmud and Lhasa, the train staff incessantly provides passengers with such optional ways of dining as dining-car and fast conbination meal, 24 hours a day in order to offer passengers delectable, cozy and satisfactory meals



        Altitude will be displayed on each cabin in Tibet trainAltitude displayed on the top of the cabin door in both Chinese and English, travelers can monitor how high they are when traveling on the train.


        For breakfast, passengers will be served with pickels, eggs, bread and milk, which is just 10CNY for one serve, but with balanced nutrients. People in favor of noodles could choose from Snow Vegetable Noodle, Beef Noodle, Steak Noodle and so on.



        Tibetan style dishes are the most popular with passengers. Among all 45 dishes, there are 5 cold dishes, 8 Tibetan dishes, 32 ordinary dishes and 8 soup dishes. Reporters say that they witnessed Stewed yak with Crassulaceae 25CNY, Turnip & carrot yak 28CNY and Ginseng salad 18CNY 


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