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Train On the way

Passing from Xining, Golmud, Mt.Kunlun Pass, Yuotuo River, Anduo, Nagqu, Damxung and end in Lhasa, there are 45 station along the 1972 k.m long Qinghai - Tibet railway.
There are 3 scenery stations stop around half an hour for the sightseeing on the train.
Let's have a look on the way .


Yuzhu peak Station
  It is the first station along your train journey to Tibet, which is 4159 meters above the sea level .



Chuma'er River Station
  Situated at a vital point on the route of Tibet antelope migration path, Chuma'er River Station is built for the migration of the animals, where you can see the fauna such as Tibetan antelope through the bridge if you are lucky enough. Many photographers waiting here in months time for a chance to take one picture.

TuoTuo River Station
  Tuotuo river is the source of China 's longest river - the Yangtse River. With the elevation of 4547 m. The clear water and shadow in the river will let you regret to have a glance.


Tanggula Station
  Tanggula station is the highest point (5068 m) along the railway. Geladandong peak, the highest peak of the Tangula Mountain can be viewed rising high against the blue sky.



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