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The 6th China Thangka Art Festival

Time: 2017/1/3

Thangka is a painting on silk with embroidery,is a complicated, composite three-dimensional object consisting of a picture panel which is painted or embroidered, a textile mounting; and one or more of the following:a silk cover, leather corners, wooden dowels at the top and bottom and metal or wooden decorative knobs on the bottom dowel. It depicts a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala of some sort.

 The 6th China Thangka Art Exhibition was held in Lhasa recently,the exhibition last for 3 days,featured a series of activities,including classic thangka paintings,an annual examination for painters,a thangka art seminar,and a summit forum on thangka development.

The 6th China Thangka Art Festival[Photo/]

During the art festival,99 pieces of thangka art works painted by 99 thangka painters from Lhasa, Lhoka, Chamdo and other regions of Tibet was displayed.Different kinds of artistic schools were on exhibit, like Manthang, Mansar, and Karma Gardri.

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